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"The Real Crime is knowing Cannabis can help others, but doing nothing."

Sarita Shetty 4th Stage Cancer Survivor

Our Story

Shalini Enterprises was formed in 2003 and was associated with a Multinational Company which dealt in highly specialized biotechnological products. We were the team responsible for setting up and managing logistics and their SOP's for their cold chain products in Western and Southern India.

We were also managing logistics for Roche Pharmaceuticals and Cumballa Hill Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. both from the field of Oncology.

Currently we are the official marketing and sales firm for Indogenix Biosciences LLP. Our focus is on creating awareness on medical cannabis and setting up a presence of the brand in the state of Maharashtra.
Our strength has been in the field of Oncology hence we ventured into focusing on pain management and chronic pain relief through Medical Cannabis. We are also targeting different specialties. We noticed that most of the pain relief medications available come with high risk factors and addiction problems and we wanted to do something about  it since our core competence is in marketing, sales and logistics management.

Our current goal is to create awareness with medical practitioners from various fields of medicine that are wanting to prescribe Medical Cannabis for the wellbeing of their patients.


Medical Cannabis your alternative therapy to relieve Pain, Depression, Cancer, Chemotherapy Induced Nausea & Vomiting(CINV), Severe Chronic Pain (Arthritis, Migraine, Menstrual), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Anxiety, Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease or Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), Sleep Outcomes In Individuals With Primary Chronic Insomnia, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), Schizophrenia, Spasticity Due To Paraplegia Due To Spinal Cord Injury, Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms, Bipolar Disorder. 
Feel free to contact us if you need clarification on how medical cannabis could help you or your loved ones to cope with any of the above-mentioned indications. We are here to help you get the medical cannabis best suited for you and your loved ones to combat various ailments along with the proper study of your medical reports by our panel of doctors. You will be provided with a proper medical prescription. And our team at Shalini Enterprises is here to guide you and track your progress. 

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Managing Partner

Sarita Shetty was born in 1968 and did her schooling from the prestigious The Cathedral and John Connon School. At the end of her schooling curriculum, she moved on to the famous and esteemed  St. Xavier's College, Mumbai graduating with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology and did her Master’s in Business Administration (Marketing) from the Mumbai University.


She did her internship with famous advertising agencies like Lintas and Contract. After that, she moved on to join Cumballa Hill Hospital, Mumbai as a trustee in a professional capacity in 1998 and managed the overall management of the hospital.  The areas of her expertise are General Administration, Ward Level Management, Marketing & Public Relations, Patient Care and Grievances, Business Development, Software Installation, Human Resource Management, Managing the Executive Health Check-up Department and Opening & establishing one of Mumbai’s first Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre in 1999.


In 2003, Sarita set up Shalini Enterprises. The firm was formed for the purpose of distribution (cold-chain management). The company was associated with Roche Pharmaceuticals from 2003 to 2008 which dealt in highly specialized Biotechnology products in Oncology, Virology and Nephrology with their average turnover crossing 100 crores. She was also part of handling the International Audit conducted by the Quality Control Department of Roche, Switzerland.

In January of 2018, she was diagnosed with 4th Stage Breast Cancer on her 50th birthday.  She fought the disease through all the pain and suffering and is now Cancer Free.  Medical Cannabis helped her a lot in dealing with the side effects of chemo. Hence, she is very passionate about the benefits of Medical Cannabis and wants as many patients to benefit from this marvelous medicine.

Shalini Enterprises has taken the initiative of being the Marketing and Sales front for Indogenix LLP and we plan to make this medicine available to whoever needs it through prescription.

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General Manager
(Sales & Marketing)

Vishal G. Sadvilkar has joined Shalini Ent. in 2020 as General Manager - Sales & Marketing. Along with him he brings a total experience of 23 years in Super Specialities like Onco Haematology, Critical Care & Nephrology to name a few.


With a Pan India exposure, he has maintained a balance in Trade business as well as Institution business along with Rate Contracts with most of the corporations. Chanel partner appointments and running smooth business with them has been a part of his professional routine.


This hard work has earned him many Laurels throughout his pharma career, and it includes the prestigious Managing Directors Excellency Award.


He always progressed to the next level and shouldered responsibilities that did his organization proud. Vishal has a pan India exposure with a solid scientific background. His customer engagement has helped him gain great heights on the professional front.


Vishal has done his post-graduation through research in Biochemistry from the prestigious L.T.M.M.C. (Sion Hospital). With his flair for sales, he  entered the pharmaceutical industry and worked for the best MNCs like Fulford, German Remedies, Roche, Abbott and Mylan. In his stint with big Indian houses like SUN Pharma and Intas he established their Oncology divisions across Western India.


At Shalini Enterprises, he is a part of our core team and shares the same vision of creating awareness about the positive effects of medical cannabis along with providing the right knowledge regarding medical cannabis to people who are looking for an alternative therapy."

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Ms. Danielle Rebello since childhood was god gifted with an amazing voice and took part in

talent events and mostly came back home with a gold medal. In college she represented Mumbai in state level singing and Maharashtra in National level singing and won the gold medal on both accounts making not only her college proud but also Mumbai University proud. For her Music has been her passion from childhood till date.


After completing her education from the prestigious Sophia College, she went on to work for a marketing firms such as Search Market Research, Bismi Overseas Connections, Pergo and Addis Marketing. Her job profile being The Business Development Officer was to find ways to grow the company by creating tie ups, training the field executives and problem solving. Her favorite quote used is “ Where there is a will, there is a way” .


Danielle’s mother had fallen really ill with 4th stage Breast Cancer and to ease her mother’s pain and suffering she decided to look for alternative therapy. She researched the benefits of using medical cannabis as alternative therapy. On doing so her belief in the therapeutic and healing effects of Medical Cannabis were rock solid.


She recalls “I tried to find ways to source the best medical cannabis for my mother. On doing so I realized that whatever was available in the Market was falling short in either proper ratio, testing, quality or availability. My mom and myself finally did manage to get our hands on a product that was of premium quality and that’s how our journey began with Cannabryl”.


Our Solutions

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